We were 2 couples who are jaded New Yorkers and more than pleased by the tour with Arik. Pleasant personality and very knowledgable and extremely eager to please . Only regret is that we did not plan more of the trip with him. We recommend him without reservation. May 2014, Roslyn Heights, New York.

ziskind jerusalem testimonials


I commissioned Arik Haglili to lead my three grown children and me on a one day tour of Jerusalem based on the favorable reviews he received from other Trip Advisor reviewers. He did not disappoint. He was very knowledgeable and directed us on a fast-paced tour of many key Jerusalem sites providing an excellent historical overview and placing in historical context each of the sites we visited. One of the best features of his tour was his constant use of the maps in Carta's Jerusalem Atlas to trace where each site was located relative to the changing location and borders of Jerusalem in different historical periods. Arik says he conducts tours all over Israel but we had just one day and wanted to focus on Jerusalem. Highly recommended. John Zyskind,Albuquerque, New Mexico. (jzyskind@gmail.com)


My family and I took a cruise to Israel that gave us three days in Israel all together. In these three short days, Arik was able to take us to tour tons of the beautiful sights in Israel. Not only did we get to see these historical places, we learned a lot about them as he shared his insights from his background in history and teaching. We were able to see Jerusalem itself, the Dead Sea and Masada, and even Galilee and Capernaum. He made sure that we felt comfortable and safe, while having tons of fun along the way. He even went out of his way to get us to see attractions that if we were on any other tour we would have missed. Arik and his tour are definitely the best way to see Israel. We recommend him completely and consider him the best tour guide in Israel. If you want to have a great time seeing the sights in Israel, you must definitely go with him. Reynold Bangayan, Los Angeles, California. (reylijosh@aol.com)


Arik was a great guide! He was very accommodating, kind and knowledgable. We only had a few days with him before joining our Trafalgar tour but the short time that we had with him was not wasted. He brought us to different, yet interesting, sites that our tour wasn't going to bring us to, which was fantastic. He's open to talking about anything whether it be about religion, culture, Jewish lifestyle/customs, or just historical biblical information. My sister had arranged this private tour for my parents and I, and Arik was very kind in sending her updates via text and pictures of our tour. We had a great time during our trip and highly recommend him as a tour guide! Jennifer K. Calgary, Canada.

Masada-Review- silvermans


My super brother-in-law shouted our immediate family (12 of us!) to a guided tour in Israel for 10 days. Arik was our tour guide and he was amazing. He did well to stick it out with our family for that length of time, nothing phased him and he was constantly great in his dealings with us. We were super impressed with his knowledge of Israeli history and archaeology and the places he took us to were fantastic. Having him as a guide to the Holocaust Museum was especially special, he summarised the history and the museum with compassion and highlighted the parts that were especially important without leaving us emotionally drained at the end of it. Arik, we enjoyed you so much and after 10 days, you are now officially part of the family. We highly recommend Arik as THE tour guide for anything Israel. Michele Siefe, Bay of Plenty, New-Zealand.

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Our family had the best reunion in Israel recently which was made possible by my generous cousins from Cape Town South Africa. Not only did we get treated to the best hotels and dinners we had the most awesome tour guide Arik who accompanied and led us through history by taking us to the best places and historical biblical ruins and museums and through his vast knowledge of Israel from the beginning of Israels history to present day gave us a more thorough understanding of what the Israeli people have been experiencing in past centuries. Ariks knowledge was astounding and his humourous manner at times endeared us to him! You will enjoy a lot more and learn a lot more if you choose Arik Haglili as your tour guide. Jenny Thomas, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Mt Olives, Deans, testimonial


We spent 3 days touring with Arik during our stay in Israel. He was a fantastic guide and nothing was too much trouble. His historical knowledge and ability to relate sights visited to their biblical significance made our travels all the more enlightening. Arik is very personable and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Arik for a wonderful experience. Visited Sep 2014. Danielle Dean, Australia (jrd@iprimus.com.au)

Eisenman - Jerusalem - testimonial


In addition to being very knowledgeable Arik is extremely caring and concerned about making your tour a truly memorable experience. An emergency caused him to leave for one day but he made sure that we had a competent substitute. When I told him my grandparents were buried in Jerusalem he persisted in finding their grave sites and even guided me with the appropriate prayers. He treats you like a member of his family and his sincerity to please is primary.There are many guides but Arik is truly unique and I recommend him highly. Harold Eisenman MD, Florida, U.S. (info@dreisenman.com)

Caesarea, Mortons, testimonials


Arik guided my family all around Israel - Caesarea, Megiddo, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jordan River, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada, and more! I have been to Israel many times, but I have never enjoyed such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring and friendly guide. He worked so hard to make my 81 year old mother comfortable and made sure she didn't miss anything! Arik was as excited as us about visiting the sights and showed so much passion about his country. He embraced every question and gave us amazing insights about the historical places and the current day events in Israel. He shared relevant biblical readings for us at some sights and shared great local music as we traveled between sights! I cannot say enough good things about Arik, and I strongly recommend him to anyone visiting the holy land! Keith Morton, Austin, Texas. (keithmpersonal@yahoo.com)


Last summer we spent a week in Israel with Arik. He did an outstanding job creating an itinerary for us that allowed us to see the north of the country and spend time in Jerusalem. Arik was very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile so that we could have a great time. He blew us away and we plan to use him again next time we visit Israel. Petros Paranikas, Chicago, Illinois U.S (paranikas.petros@bcg.com)

Langsam EinGuedi, Testimonial


Arik was our guide throughout Israel for over a week. He was exceptionally professional, meeting us at the Allenby Crossing, on time, and, indeed,throughout the week we found him to be unbelievably prompt, exceptionally knowledgeable, courteous, smart and a total delight. He has a thoroughly engaging personality and his English crystal clear. He was always “ahead” of the curve—for example, timing our site information and visits perfectly so that the timing of the English language version of the short introductory movies did not cause us to wait at all. He knows every site as if it were his own home, from Dead Sea, to Masada, to Nazareth, to the Tel Megiddo, Caesarea, all of New and Old City of Jerusalem (of course), City of David, everywhere; he knew the best ways to enter, the quickest (he called ahead for times, tickets, etc.) and, yet, he gave us unbelievably detailed information, put it all into historical context, religiously and archaeologically. As a first example of how terrific he was, we were caught in traffic on our way to the Chagall stained glass windows with only about 6 minutes before closing time (after a full day of sightseeing)-- Arik parked, ran up 4 flights of steps, across a ramp, up another flight, right to the entrance and, while we arrived 4 minutes before the close, they had closed. We were disappointed but he then plead our case and they opened it up, just for us and we had a private tour! He is unbelievable committed to being professional, providing the right information and coordinating it all to the schedule and interest level of the touring customers. He hiked us through En Gedi, through and over En Avedat, through the water tunnel at City of David, up to the Ruin Synagogue in City of Jerusalem, drove us to Nazareth for the Church of the Annunciation, to Church of  Transfiguration, to Bet Alpha, to fantastic Galilee look out points, etc. If you have any choice in a guide, it should be Arik. He was the best guide we could have asked for-- a lovely, smart, energetic and very, very well –versed guide and driver. He took us everywhere and showed us Israel. He was the complete package!! He presents things using multi media, sometimes even using Bible narrative on his i-phone to convey the portions of the Bible which are relevant.Finally, another insight into Arik, we were at Yad Vashem for about 3 hours and closing time was approaching. We needed another 1/2 hour to complete the tour. Arik took us through it all, of course. However, there were many people still in the Museum who needed more time. One, then two, then four more joined us (after Arik asked us if we minded) and by the end we were leading (Arik was commanding) about 40 people through and out the Museum. They found him so engaging and knowledgeable that at the end, many clapped, came over to my wife and I and thanked us for allowing them to listen to him, asked him for his card, and wanted to hire him on the spot for the rest of their visit. This guide, Arik Haglili, is the BEST. He cares about his clients and his actions indicate the same! On a scale of 1-10, this guide really deserves an 11. The Langsams, Armonk, New-York (robinabc123@aol.com)


We toured with Arik for 10 days in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Golan Hts. We had a wonderful time in Israel and appreciated the insights and guidance from Arik. We not only learned about Israel but got to know Arik as a person which added to the essence of our trip. He took us places we could not have found on our own and even persuaded the guards at the Mt. Herzl to let us in the Yitshak Rabin memorial service. We also visited Caesarea, Jaffa and Haifa. The highlight of the tour was the last day in the Golan Hts. where we visited a winery, chocolate factory and met a United Nations unit overlooking Syria and Mt. Hermon. Thank you. Mike & Robin Rozenstein, Chicago, Illinois, United States. (mrosenstein505@gmail.com)