The Last Sassanian King

Khosrow II (Chosroes II in classical sources) was the last great king of the Sassanian Empire, reigning from 590 to 628. captured Jerusalem in 614 following a three weeks siege. Ancient sources claim 57,000 or 66,500 people were slain there; another 35,000 were deported to Persia, including the Patriarch Zacharias. Many churches in the city […]

Touring with the Banmanns

Touring in October is the ideal time to take a private tour guide in Israel. The temperature is mild and the sun is not so overbearing like in July-August. My first private tour with the Banmanns was Caesarea and the Jezreel valley. We had an a fun day and I discovered a pleasant funny bunch […]

Following John the Baptist

Two days ago I had a fun time touring with Marlos Lima. I picked him up early in the morning from Tel Aviv and we headed towards Jerusalem, exploring the old city. It was quite an associative day starting in the Christian Quarter, then the Holocaust museum, afterwards we followed the Gospel according to Luke […]

The Philistines In Canaan 

In the photo are Portraits of captured Philistines, referred to in Egyptian as Peleset, cover the walls of the Medinet Habu temple. One of the most famed people who lived in Canaan were the Philistines, or Palashtu. The Philistines were particularly famed for being enemies with the Israelites, however, they were much more than this. […]

The best way to start your Jerusalem Private Tour 

If you are headed to visit Jerusalem you should consider starting at Mt of Olives viewpoint. This is probably the best view of the old city and this where anyone should go of they want to get the best view of the city. Just remember it’s located on the east side of the city which […]


Yesterday (Thursday, June 1st) I was private touring with the Gilbert’s from Florida. A nice family of four that decided to use me as their private guide in Israel, focusing on the northern part of the country. We started in Caesarea where we actually spent quite a bit. I have explained about this very important […]


I had the pleasure last week to give an Israel private tour for a really fun bunch from Holland! it was a party of four: Aike & Brood, Natascha & Diane. I met then in Jerusalem at 08:00 am sharp! they were very punctual and at 07:59 were already waiting for me in the lobby. […]