Today I’ve started my new group, Sasha & Brenden from Los Angles. We’ll private tour all over Israel for the next seven days. Day one was private touring in Jerusalem. Naturally we’ve started at Mt. Olives view point. A Private Tour in Israel is not complete with out it! Truly a million dollars view! Since […]

Dear Jerry Keirn & Dana Keirn ! The last seven days that we got to spend together, private touring all over Israel were truly phenomenal. You told me yourselves having a private tour guide in israel makes all the difference but this is also true from the private tour guide point of view! This way […]

Private tour in Jerusalem – Israel Private Tours

My 3rd day with Keirns and it’s keeping going great! We had some problems with the car that needed to be taken care before we met at 09:00am today but I got fixed and we are good To go! Our destination today Jerusalem! A private tour guide of Jerusalem shouldn’t miss the opportunity to start […]

My Israel Private Tour Guide License 

Guys! I am happy to announce that finally after long over due the ministry of tourism of the state of Israel finally sent me my Israel private tour guide License for 2017-2018. Now we are in May already!! And I’ve been giving private tours of Israel with my 2016 License, I guess it’s so important […]

Private Tour Guide Israel – Masada & Dead Sea Private Tour

Today I had my 2nd day with Jerry & Dana Keirn and we decided to explore the Judea Desert next to Jerusalem. Our private tour of the area started crossing the West Bank using high 5 and then switching to road 505 that goes through the west bank, east to west. Our very 1st destination […]

Private Tours of Israel – Day 1 – Tel Aviv and the surroundings 

Today I’ve started another great private tour in Israel, this time with Jerry & Dana Keirn coming all the way from Rio Rancho, New México. Originally they are from Oklahoma. I am sure We gonna have an amazing 7 days of private touring all over Israel together and today May 5th (Day 1) was focused […]

Private tour Jerusalem – City of David 

Gladius was one Latin word for sword, and is used to represent the primary sword of Ancient Roman foot soldiers. A fully equipped Roman legionary after the reforms of Gaius Marius was armed with a shield (scutum), one or two javelins (pila), a sword (gladius), often a dagger (pugio), and, perhaps in the later Empire […]

Private Tour Guide Israel – Touring Gethsemane 

              The site of Gethsemane in Jerusalem is a site that most private tours in Jerusalem should stop. I think a private tour in Israel is not complete without it, especially if we are touring Jerusalem and it’s a Christian intrest private tour. In these days the Garden of […]

Digs in the Jewish Quarter 

As a private tour guide in Israel I tend to talk a lot about the Roman 10th Legion. Legio X Fretensis (“Tenth legion of the Strait”) was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. It was founded by the young Gaius Octavius (later to become Augustus Caesar) in 41/40 BC to fight during the period […]

Roman Coin - 'Judea Capta'


Every time that I give a private tour in Jerusalem I like to show this coin or a photo of it because if not my private tour in Jerusalem wouldn’t be complete and as a private tour guide in Israel I would feel I did not do my Job. Minting Coins was a a very […]